dwgReport :  Create Custom Batch Reports in AutoCAD


AutoCAD users working with large sets of drawing files need specific reporting checks and output. It is difficult to have reporting tool suitable for them all.

dwgReport provides framework that can be easily customized for wide range demand of our clients.

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dwgReport loads set of modules and executes them on entire batch of drawings. Supported module types are LISP, ObjectARX, DVB and .NET . To get your custom report you can :

·      use our modules (shipped with product as open source)

·      modify them, or

·      you can use your own modules


Different versions of report output, including export to Excel.


Typical checks for AutoCAD users are available in our modules/plugins shipped with product. It includes :

·      Reporting file related properties (i.e. dwg version, file size etc…)

·      Checking naming conventions (file name, layer names , block names)

·      Reporting block related properties (used blocks, not used blocks, nested blocks, maximum nesting depth etc…)

·      Reporting xref related properties (i.e. unreferenced xref’s, overlay xref’s, absolute paths, xref nesting depth, xref graph).

·      Reporting raster image related properties(number of images, not found images, …)


To insert your own module/check, you only need to add single line in report definition file. That line defines:

·      Column name in report output

·      Module name(name of LISP, DVB or dll file)

·      Function in above module and optionally function arguments

Example :
Following line (taken from demo project)

Number of chair blocks;$MODULEFOLDERONE\customcommandlib.lsp;countblocks;"CHAIR"

will insert “Number of chair blocks” column in report. It is result of countblocks function (called with argument “CHAIR”). Function is defined in customcommandlib.lsp, automatically loaded by dwgReport framework.

Results are displayed in “smart” grid. It means that double click on cell  will open dialog with additional information(if present).


Additional information may be in form of :

·      Text

·      Table

·      Picture


We provide sample export Excel template, but you can modify it as you want.

Number of drawings in batch as well as number of loaded modules is not limited.  

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